Monday, December 26, 2011

Flower Farm Wedding - Loomis Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Kat and Alex waited until right before the Christmas Holiday to exchange their vows, in a very intimate setting at the Flower Farm Inn in Loomis.

Their guest list was 28 of their closest friends and family, and they sectioned off the barn with floor-to-ceiling hand sewed curtians, where the candlelit ceremony was to take place on one side, and the dinner reception on the other.

In our planning meeting, they expressed a possible concern that no one may dance, and that things may just end early. (I don't think so!!)

Their ceremony was perfection, I wish I knew who their caterer was, because the cocktail hour was filled with amazing passed Hors D Ouevres. We invited guests to the 'Other Side' for dinner, and they had one long dinner table dressed to the nines! Bread and salad service, a celery bisque was the next course, the entree was a New York Steak with a vegetable medley and red potatoes, the next course was the first dessert course, which was a fruit compote with whipped cream, and the finale was the wedding cake. It was first class, let me tell ya'.

Then came the dancing.....and for just 30 people, we rocked it for two solid hours! At one point, I laughed on the mic that Kat and Alex thought none of their guests would dance, and I was thrilled that they were proven wrong!! It was a great evening...

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sacramento Wedding DJ - Sacramento Wedding Lights

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Now that the wedding season is coming to a close, 2011 was an amazing year by the way!!......I can focus on some areas that I feel are worthy of mentioning.

First off is spotlighting your cake. There has been an emphasis on event lighting, uplighting, monogram lighting and more this year, and an area that I think also needs attention is making sure your cake is highlighted appropriately.

Whenever we 'light' a room, we dim the house lights to bring out the color of what we put in place. What then happens is the cake that someone has taken 20 hours designing disappears because the lights come down. The photo above is a perfect example of just that. On the left is how your cake would look before we light it, and on the right is how it should look!

The cake is one of the centerpieces of any wedding, and if you're going to invest as much as $2,000.00 on a masterpiece, it's well worth another $99.00 to bring it to life.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past Saturday, Janessa and Evan married at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA. It was a classic DIY wedding, with all the personal touches a couple could dream of. Hand written signs on chalkboards, a dresser with family photos on it, a seating chart hand scribed, a menu get the hint! My favorite touch of the evening was the smores buffet! It was awesome!!

They married to a string quartet in the barrell room, and their guests mingled away during cocktail hour until we formally introduced Evan and Janessa as they joined. As we parted the ceiling high curtains to reveal the gallery to guests, there was a collective gasp at the beauty of the room, as there was simply on super long table for everyone to sit and enjoy dinner at. Mama Kim Cooks didn't let us down, dinner was absolutely delish!

Jessica Moores of Stout Photography, or should I say, the incredible Jessica Moores, was in charge of photography, and I'm quite sure that she captured some amazing stuff.....the sunset was to die for!

Dance, dance, dance! Regardless of the number of guests (about 60), they danced, sang and sweated it out for 2.5 hours on the dancefloor! It was a party that they won't be forgetting any time soon.

Great stuff!!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Forest House Lodge Wedding - Auburn Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

What a blast last night! Raychel is a Police Officer, Dallas is a CHP Officer, and together they are perfection.

They were married in the ballroom at FHL with the reception to follow. It didn't start to heat up until the toasts were delivered. You could feel the energy building right then!

Although things were moving along quite rapidly, the natives were getting restless, and wanted to get to dancing....what a shame for me! Between the combination of adult refreshments, a hunger to party and a super funky music list, it was non-stop until the party moved downstairs into the Lounge, which is way cool!

Best of luck to Dallas and Raychel.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleeptrain Holiday Party - Sacramento Corporate DJ

Sacramento Corporate DJ

Well, it's not just about wedding, it's also about corporate events!

I am fortunate enough to work for Sleeptrain Mattress Centers each year for their holiday parties, which are amazing. They are an employee owned company, and are amongst the happiest groups I have played for. That could be in part due to the fact that the prizes that are raffled off at these events are off the charts! Ipads, paid days off, trips around the world, etc!

They support some amazing causes, and are a company that is growing and is widely respected.

We are in San Diego today, next week brings Portland and Seattle....can't wait!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Arden Hills Country Club wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Last night marked the fun wedding of Todd and Kristina. Between them, they have 5 kids, who were all dressed to the nines, well behaved and just itchin' to dance!

They married in the heritage room, had cocktails in the adjacent lounge, and upon their grand entrance, the open bar began, which the guests were very excited about. We took them right into their first dance, had a great Arden Hills dinner, and all-the-while the photobooth was churning out some hilarious stuff!

Toasts were impromptu and quite humorous, and the dancing was non-stop for 2.5 hours.

Everyone exited sweaty, happy, and ready for sleep. Job well done!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

River Highlands Ranch Wedding - Smartsville Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Well, this was my first trip out to Smartsville, just outside of Grass Valley. Their was a gem of a venue, called River Hughlands Ranch. It houses a large barn with rooms above, freshly manicured lawns and shrubs outside, a pretty ceremony site, smokers for them BBQ'n types, and much more. It is also a working ranch, grass fed!

Although chilly, we had a great ceremony, a rowdy cocktail hour with dual kegs, and fabulous BBQ dinner with cornbread and all the fixins.

The dancing was more of a mix than usual, consisting of country, classic rock...and of course some hip/hop fav's.

I can't wait to go back!

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Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Jon and Jen married this last Friday night at The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, one of my favorite venues.

They were married in the barrel room, and their young son was right in their arms for the entire ceremony!! Guests enjoyed wine and apps while Jon and Jen finished with their photos. Our photobooth had a constant line as well, and funny hats were floating around everywhere!

Asante Catering rocked dinner service, and as we moved into toasting, there were no 'assigned' presenters, so I just opened up the mic and had some impromptu fun.

Their first dance was Train's 'Marry Me.' The rest of the evening was dancing, photoboothing and socializing until the lights came up at eleven.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Just last night at Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, Brian and April had a classy ceremony, with a funny touch of humor (about how much the ring costed), and cocktail hour followed in the Tasting Room and Gallery.

We had some fun in store for their guests, which I am soooo in favor of. Brian wrote some great wedding party bios and chose songs for each....that they knew nothing about. As we moved toward dinner, Mama Kim Cooks had an amazing buffet waiting, and we asked guests questions about both Brian and April, and the winner got to take their table through the buffet. It was really fun, because the questions were not all that easy!

Toasts were funny, cake was tasty, and the first dance was out of this world. Brian produced a mashup of songs that they choreographed a hilarious dance to, and the guests were in stitches! Dad danced with April, Mom with Brian, and all married couples with the newlyweds. The longest married were 36 years, whose advice to Brian and April were to keep quiet!

The dancefloor filled instantly, and never all. We had 'em rockin, and at one point, I brought all photobooth props onto the dancefloor and had everyone wear a hat, and then switch with someone else. I can't wait to see the photos from Jessica Stout of Stout Photo. They promise to amazing, like all of her work.

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Lake Natoma Inn Wedding - Folsom Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

My dear friend Michelle married her man, Brent this past Saturday, and I just knew it was going to be a BASH! I setup 22 uplights, both in amber and in purple to match the theme of their details at Lake Natoma.

My DJ assistant Greg actually officiated the ceremony, and it was a riot! Super funny ingredients mixed in with super touching moments! Cocktail hour followed, and the photobooth was packed all night long!

Michelle and Brent took the time to write out some questions and answers about themselves, and their guests had to 'work' for their admittance into the buffet line. It definitely kept the mood fun and light, and is a great way to create conversation at tables.

We made our way to the dancefloor after toasts, and the party began! We danced, sang and shouted until the lights came up, and the afterparty was probably at Powerhouse til 2am!

I wish my friends the best!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Wedding DJ Auburn, CA

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Fall weddings make for gorgeous events, especially at Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, CA. The grounds at this time of year are beyond words.

Jonathan and Daniann took full advantage of those grounds yesterday, having their ceremony and photos outdoors, with their reception in the ballroom.

Dinner was delicious (Prime Rib), the toasts were a riot, the dancing was definitely funky, the photobooth was churning out some funnies, and the newlyweds couldn't have been happier with their day.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flower Farm Inn Wedding - Loomis Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Jen and Patrick had their wedding Saturday at the Flower Farm in Loomis, CA, a gorgeous setting for an outdoor/indoor event.

Their ceremony was performed by Jen's best friend, Megan, who did a great job for a newly ordained, best friend, 8 months pregnant, bridesmaid officiant!!

Brenda from Asante Catering provided the great eats, and they were just itching to get the dancefloor as we swiftly moved through toasts and dessert.

One of my very fav photogs, Kim Martin was shooting everything, everywhere!

We had a great party, the photobooth was rockin', and we received nothing but rave reviews once the lights came up!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Wedding Cakes Sacramento

My wife Char recently launched her own Fine Dessert business, named 'Peace Love & Sugar.' If I didn't truly feel as if her creations were amazing, I wouldn't mention it. Let me tell you, her work is something else. It looks great, but more importantly, it tastes so darn good that I can't say no to her tasty cakes, french macarons, cake push-ups, and whatever else she dreams up.

If you are in need of a wedding or celebration cake, check her out at, you'll dig it!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding Dj

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Holbin and Erica married this past Saturday at one of the coolest venues in NorCal, Old Sugar Mill.

I didn't meet them until 3 days before their wedding because they live in Hawaii. She has family ties here locally..and now he does too! What was cool was that their ceremony was in the gallery looking out toward the vineyards, and the windows were rolled up so it was very 'natural.'

We played Hawaiian music throughout dinner and cocktail hour, which was a very pleasant deviation. Their guests had a great time dancing to a huge variety of hits, and the night concluded with a group slow dance as a sendoff.

Our photobooth provided another fun source of entertainment for all.


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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mary's Bat Mitzvah - Bar Mitzvah DJ Sacramento

We had the pleasure of entertaining Mary and her friends this past Saturday at Il Fornaio in downtown Sacramento! Linda (Mom) contacted us some time ago and asked that I swing by to meet Mary. She was soooo shy!! I let her know that I would play all of her favorites from Glee to Paramore, and would only play games if she decided that was a good idea. Her friends could ecen text me their requests if they would like, and I would create a super cool graphic for the top of her photostrips. I earned her approval!!

We had 50 kids show up, and the energy in their secluded room was rockin'! The photobooth was a huge hit and a great ice-breaker. My friend and fellow DJ Rich Carlson was spinnin while I was out on the mic organizing party games, dance-offs and much more.

These kids had a ball!

It's been years since I performed at Bat Mitzvahs ( I used to be the Bar Mitzvah King locally). I think I am ready for more!!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Forest House Lodge Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Last Friday night, we started early, 3pm to be exact! Ashley and Ryan were married at the Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA. They had their priest from their Catholic Church perform their ceremony, and to my knowledge, it's rare that he would perform a wedding ceremony out of the church, so this was a treat.

They held their cocktail hour on the patio downstairs, and requested that I play Michael Buble during that period. As they arrived, we introduced their entire wedding party dramatically walking down the stairs toward their guests, and as A&R entered the courtyard, I played their very first dance as husband and wife!

Everyone then followed them upstairs for a delish dinner, toasts, dessert, and then....the danceparty! This whole event went a stunning 7 hours! My floor was full until the end, and I betcha I could have kept them another hour or more. It was that kinda group..... Loved it!!!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Simply put, Saturday rocked! Daniel and April had a super emotional ceremony outside underneath a perfect sky at Old Sugar Mill. You could just sense the love and respect these two have for one another...which is exactly what I whispered to their wedding planner, Kate Miller.

Dinner was indoors where the gallery was detailed beautifully. Brenda from Asante Catering served a really tasty family-style dinner, which inspires community and conversation!

The always phenomenal Jessica from Stout Photography was seemingly everywhere, never missing a shot!

We danced in the barrel room, and boy did we dance! They wanted a very 'club' inspired mix of hits, and I had that room jumpin'. We serendaded them with streamers on their way out, and finished with another half hour of hits.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Just last night, Jeremy and Annaliese were married at the stunning Monte Verde Inn.

The weather was stunning, and we had the ceremony, dinner, toasts and cake on their beautiful grounds outside. We moved indoors for the dancing, and the ballroom was rockin' all evening long. Annaliese is from South Africa, and I was provided some great music to integrate for the dancing, which worked really well!

We had our photobooth running all evening long, and that was packed as well from start to finish. The videos that were captured inside the booth are hilarious, I wish I could share.

Congrats Jeremy and Annaliese!

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Forest House Lodge Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Wow, what a raging party for Yvonne and Chad Friday night, I still can't believe it!

It all began with the absolute funniest, most entertaining ceremony I have ever seen, no kidding! I and the whole crowd were laughing just had to be there.

Back at FHL, you could just feel the positive energy as cocktails, apps and dinner were served.

Troy, the Best Man, began toasts by throwing a bread roll on the floor and saying, 'That's how I roll!' We toasted, we had dessert and did we dance! Because there is so much to do at Forest House Lodge, the general dance trend comes in waves. But tonight, there were no waves. My dancefloor was jammed for 2.5 hours, I was lovin' it!

I would love to be there all over again....

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Crocker Art Museum Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

One of the new wedding 'hotspots' for Sacramento in 2011-2012 is the Crocker Art Museum in the heart of downtown. I have a wedding scheduled there for January of '12, and just interviewed a cool couple today who are also getting married there.

I do believe it's time for a visit, and will be reporting back soon with my findings!

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Flower Farm Inn Wedding - Loomis Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past Saturday, I played at one of my fav's, The Flower Farm Inn in Loomis. Lauren and Steven had a big guest list, and it was a party from the onset!

Randy's Creative Catering rocked the food, with an amazing display of apps, a great buffet display, margarita machines and much more! My fav was the tri tip sliders......

ProFinish Designs provided the photobooth, was was packed all night long, and I rocked the dancefloor with a fun mix of hits!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morgan Creek Country Club Wedding - Roseville Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Ericka and Kris booked with me over a year ago, and Ericka was one of my most interactive brides of the year! We became Facebook friends, email friends, instant message friends...maybe even Twitter friends! She was very in tune with wedding day, and meticulously planned every detail, with an incredible effort from family and friends.

I worked with Dave Shilling Photography, who is always fun to work with, and his work is beyond amazing.

They had a heartfelt ceremony, Kris 'almost' cried as Ericka appeared, and we were all thankful that the weather was super comfy after a hot spell the day before.

Everyone ate, drank, laughed, gathered and ultimately partied like rock stars. Funny was near the end of the night, when guests hoisted both E & K high up in the air on chairs as we played Hava Nagilah at ear piercing levels!!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lake Natoma Inn Wedding - Folsom Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Friday night was exactly the reason I do what I do. Elaine and Drew were married outside in the heat of the day at Lake Natoma Inn, and then inside the gorgeous pavilion we went.

We had the room decked out with multimcolored uplights, their stunning cake was spotlighted, linens by Mimi Co. were stunning and the lights dimly lit above. You wouldn't have recognized it from three hours earlier!

The guests participated and helped me introduce the newlyweds as they shouted their names upon the grand entrance, dinner followed, then the toasts! What was hilarious was that Drew was a closet singer...and when I handed him the mic to offer a final toast, I interrupted and asked the guests if they would like to hear him break out in song!! They cheered him on, and the ever quiet Drew belted out some Kelly Clarkson! It was a moment!!

We had a packed dancefloor all night long, and simply had a fun, interactivr good ole time.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

La Provence Wedding - Roseville Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding Dj

Holly contacted me about 2 months ago in search of a DJ for their wedding yesterday. We met, had a great fit, and began planning.

For those who haven't been to La Provence in Roseville, it's an absolutely gorgeous restaurant that can accomodate special events in both their indoor and outdoor space. I setup my ceremony system outdoors and my larger setup inside for dinner/dancing.

Holly and Ryan had a cute, fast ceremony, and it was obvious that visiting with their guests was very important to them.

They had a super tasty dinner, cupcakes for dessert and then to the dancefloor they went. For a Sunday wedding (which can sometimes be a bit tame), these guests just tore it up all night long! My favorite ingredient was that both Holly and Ryan grabbed guest after guest to dance with them, and the energy that was created by just them kept the floor full all night long!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ If you've never been to Old Sugar Mill, you must check it out! It's a historical sugar mill-converted-winery full of texture and depth. It houses six wineries open to the public, then transforms itself into a stunning wedding venue. Last night I played for Alex and Amanda on the biggest wedding day of the year, 9.10.11. Amanda looked absolutely stunning! They married out back as the sun began to gently set, and then cocktail hour was held outdoors as well. Aimee Wendell and her staff provided amazing detail (2Chic Events). Indoors, the ligjts were dim, candles glowing, food simmerimg and wine flowing. Jessica from Stout Photo was rockin' the images as usual, and the energy was building as we approached dancing! Their first dance was to 'Just a kiss,' by Lady Antebellum. The dance party then took off and never quit. Once over, the crowd hung out on the front steps, created their own afterparty, and for once, I wasn't the last to leave! Visit us at

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lake Of The Pines Wedding - Auburn Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ So I arrived at Kammie's and Joel's reception site, a gorgeous 5 acre property located on the back side of Lake Of The Pines in Auburn, and my breath was taken away. The property was decked out like a page from 'Style Me Pretty.' It was amazing. All of the DIY touches that just made it 'theirs.' A quartet played for their ceremony, and I provide mic's so all the guests could easily hear the vows. Dinner was served near the water, in a series of long tables where guests at family-style. Lights were provide by, and as the sun set, the place looked just stunning. Toasts, cupcakes, dinner, great conversation....then up to the dancefloor which overlooked the pool, the lake, the property..... and boy did they party! They extended my services for an extra hour, and the floor never emptied....until the music stopped and the formally dressed wedding party jumped in the pool. I quietly made my exit!! visit me at

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lionsgate Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ Friday night was 100 degrees hot, but it didn't stop us from providing our DJ and Photobooth services to Jen and Jim on their wedding day. We featured custom introductions with unique songs for each wedding party member, a slideshow montage projected onto the big screen for all to enjoy, and a night filled with dance music loud enough to keep the neighbors singing until we closed up. Great start to our busy holiday weekend! Visit us at

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miller's Pond Wedding - Grass Valley Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

When Cindy called me to inquire about my services for her wedding, I could tell instantly that she was my kind of bride! Spirited, fun and ready for a party!! It wasn't until months after she hired me that I got to actually meet her and Joe(great name).

They had details, custom introductions, interactive reception ingredients, lots of family, and it was to all take place at a gem of a property in Grass Valley.....Miller's Pond. It's a 70 acre property with about 3 acres dedicated to weddings, all overlooking a stunning pond. Horses, cattle, and my sheep were milling about throughout our festivities.

The dancing began as dusk hit, and it was pitch black with a crowd on my floor! Love love love that!!!

Congrats Joe and Cindy.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Well, last night presented me with the most amazing looking wedding party I have ever seen! I felt as if I was amongst models. Mallory and Doug had a really memorable ceremony with touching vows, and an officiant that didn't just recite a bunch of words, he made it personal and intimate, really nice!!

In Monte Verde fashion, the lambchops and the scallops were incredible, as was the super fresh dinner buffet featuring tri tip with lingonberry chipotle BBQ sauce, wow!

We wasted no time getting to the dance party, which lasted a solid two hours. Their party bus took them to the 'afterparty,' which is huge nowadays at weddings.

It really was a perfect evening....

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Just last night, I played for Matt and Cassie at the glorious Monte Verde Inn! Decor was full of damask patterns, very black and white, and the guest count was around 50 or so. I worked alongside Jodi Yorston Photography who is always a kick to be around!

Highlights from their wedding include some super-funny open mic'd toasts, a color coordinated candy buffet that still has me buzzin', and a bride that literally demanded that her guests dance all night long!!! Needless to say, full dancefloor from start to finish, with a spotlight on Matt and his boys stopping the music to sing to Cassie, a la Top Gun style!!

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Forest House Lodge Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Firefighters sure know how to party! I arrived plenty early to setup at the Lodge, then at their amazing ceremony site less than 2 miles away. When I arrived, AJ (the groom) and his groomsmen were dressed in cool button down white shirts with Abercrombie shorts and flip flops....why didn't I get that email???

Back at the Forest House, the reception lighthearted, fun and AJ simply couldn't wait to dance. Once we got to that point, off came his cool white shirt, and he just let loose with a full dancefloor the two solid hours!

It was seriously a fun night!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pioneer Park Wedding- Calistoga Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I had their wedding booked for over a year, and almost forgot how endearing they both were, until Bill and Natasha met me at our final planning meeting in Davis.

They were originally going to be married locallu, but switched locations for personal reasons. They went with a fun, casual that fit their personalities perfectly.

Their wedding and reception were at Pioneer Park in amazing Calistoga. They had a catering company providing BBQ ribs, chicken and Tri Tip with all the fixins. Tiffany Green Photography was shooting, and she's so easy to work with!

Well, they married in the park gazebo, they had dinner, cocktails, designer cupcakes, then we danced....I was a bit worried because it wasn't dark out yet, and it can be a challenge getting people to the dancefloor when it's not dark. The second it hit 8:30, it was on!! We rocked it until we couldn't play outdoors any longer, and I directed them to the ever-popular 'After Party.'

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flower Farm Inn Wedding - Loomis Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Marc and Marci pledged their love last night at a fun-filled wedding with friends and family at one of favorite venues, The Flower Farm Inn in Loomis. I had met with Marci on several occasions to plan for their event, and we had lots to plan for!

I was setup outdoors for their ceremony and cocktail hour, and indoors for the 'party.' I had the new photobooth going all night long, and there was constant interest in it all night long! The 'Barn' was uplit in purple, we had a slideshow that we were preparing for, and numerous other fun ingredients that turned this into a fun, interactive reception.

We culminated all of our events into a raging dance party that left the guests screaming.....'ONE MORE!!' Of course, I played one more!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monte Verde Inn - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Alicia and Craig married last night at the stunning Monte Verde Inn! They are both accomplished Ironman athletes, cool people and great personalities. They went for simple elegance and it was quite a social affair!

Craig's Mom produced a video montage which I presented right before their first dance, and then the party began. This really has been the year of the 'dance party.' I have made a point to start the newer party music earlier during open dancing than in previous years, which has definitely led to wilder, crazier times!! This was no different, as we wasted no time getting to it once our 'Anniversary Dance' landed us the longest married couple of 63 years!

They were dancing on the benches, in circles doing a danceoff, snaking around the dancefloor, and just yelling and screaming with each song transition!

This was my kinda wedding!!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Jillian and Timothy

Enthusiastic....that desribes Timothy better than any other adjective I can think of. Last night, I played DJ / MC for Tim and Jillian at The Monte Verde Inn, my home away from home! I had met with them many months prior to wedding day, and knew immediately that Tim had a passion for life, an eye for detail, and a serious love for his bride-to-be. Jillian was incredibly sweet, cute and very kind.

On wedding day, he had video cams setup, had guests assigned to the cameras, was checking his list of photos not to be missed by my old friend Anne Mask. The ceremony was conducted by their personal friend, who really did a nice job.

MVI provided a great dinner, a tasty cake and then came party time! It was still light out when we began dancing, and the dancefloor INSTANTLY filled up! Tim and Jillian were determined to have a lively dance party, and their participation was infectious. These Sunday guests partied like it was a Saturday, and did so enthusiastically!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Deer Ridge Vineyards Wedding - Livermore Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I couldn't wait to make the trip to Livermore, as I really love the landscape there for weddings! I had never met Shauna and Daniel, as they serve our country in the Army (thanks so much for that!). Aimee Wendell from 2Chic Events was in charge, and she just does it right!! Her team was there plenty early to deck the ballroom out, and I was in full setup mode, as I had music in 3 locations, had some cool 'lounge' blue uplighting going on, and a monogram spotlight which matched their invitations to a T!

It really turned out to be a fun, lighthearted, cool evening with great food, funny toasting, great dancing with some funny characters dominating the dancefloor, and a slideshow which highlighted their lives together!

My Best!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Granite Bay Country Club Wedding

Sacramento Wedding Dj

This past Saturday represented the union of Levi and Meghan, an incredibly nice couple who live in Seattle but have family roots locally. The weather hit triple digits, but with a 6:30 ceremony, the seats were shaded and it was very tolerable. Levi'snbrother Nate was quite a vocalist, and sang a really nice tune for communion. I provided the rest of the music, as well as mics for the Levi and their officiant.

They really decorated nicely indoors, with the highligjts being oval tables with damask tablecloths, a massive cupcake display, wine bottles as centerpieces, and my amber uplights as accents.

What was really cool was that Levi's sister, who couldn't attend, was keptmin the loop during every important event through an Ipad with Facetime!

The always amazing Jessica Stout of Stout Photography was on hand to shoot as no one else does.

Nate belted out their first dance, Meghan danced with her Dad and then Levi danced with his Mom, and I couldn't help but watch these dances bring tears to numerous eyes.

Then, the part I love! Inviting guests to come out and party...the dancefloor filled right away, never let up, and foe me, the funniest part of the night was watching Levi do his darndest to learn the Cupid Shuffle on the fly!

Being July 4th weekend, there were sparklers in everyone's hands when the night wound down.

Congrats Levi and Meghan!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Arden Hills Country Club Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding Dj


Katrice and Ryan were super laid back, nice, zero-spotlight people. They asked for a cocktail reception, some uplightimg and our Photobooth to entertain. To be perfectly honest, I wondered what type of crowd they would bring, because they were soooooo chill. We were in the Heritage room at Arden Hills, which is a pretty decent size room. As I made it into the room after the ceremony at the stunning Villa, you could just feel the energy in the room! I just knew we were gonna raise the roof on this one. Without any real formalities, we had tray passed appetizers, some warm yet funny toasts, and then it was on! I got right on it, and we tore it up for 3 straight hours! My dancefloor was packed full all night long.

What's funny is that the DJ from the other wedding at Aeden Hills snuck in, video'd my work, and showed it to another DJ who called me to compliment my packed floor!! Love that....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ben and Katie - Flower Farm Inn

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This might end up being a long post, so I am apologizing in advance!

Ben and Katie met with me a year ago, at Burr's ice cream in midtown. Ben arrived first, and it wasn't long before he launched into a chat about how women often spend their lives dreaming of their wedding day, and how rhey have developed this vision of wedding day for many years. Ben also had a vision! He has known for many years what songs he wanted played fron start to finish. At that point, Katie arrived.... She was shocked to hear of his vision as we discussed things further. It was obvious that they were going to have to hash some things out over music. We really did have a nice meetup, and I ultimately earned their trust...and their business. Right before leaving, I asked Ben to humor me and tell me a couple of his music choices. I kindly asked him to be open to suggestion as time progressed.

By the time wedding arrived, Ben had compromised his way to about ten solid requests!

They took time to write custom introductions for their wedding party (which I just love), and gave me free reign to rock the party! To integrate special requests, it's my job to fit the music together like pieces to a puzzle. It all just has to fit just right.

With (Jessica) and (Matt) in the house, the night was smooth, energetic, hilarious and full of great memories. It was honestly a wedding in which I could participate in every weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wish Upon A Wedding...

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I have been in the wedding business for many, many years and aside from loving what I do, I try to take away something from each wedding I am a part of.

I have never taken away more than this week, as I MC'd the wedding of Rochon and Jackie. Kate from Kate Miller Events contacted me to ask me to read about Wish Upon A Wedding, and if interested, would I play at a wedding. I responded within 2 minutes with a resounding, "I'm in!"

WUAW is a non-profit organization who has vendors that donate their time, services and products to couples who are marrying, with at least one person who has a terminal health condition. I received their info about a week ago, and within just a few days, we had our plans in place, and they were going to marry! From a country club, to a cinematographer, to a photographer, to a lighting company, to wedding planners and more...we all eagerly donated our services.

Rochon and Jackie were the hosts and recipients of a gorgeous wedding, with super-tasty cuisine on a perfect evening in Novato, CA. We all had a great time, it was a fantastic event, and it was an honor to be a part of such an incredible cause.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guests Matter

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I was chosen to be the DJ for Derek and Megan this last weekend at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sac. Kate Miller Events was generous to put us together months ago. So here is what is interesting...Derek and Megan have a very cool vibe about them,and their vision was to make their reception an Urban, Cool, Cocktail Reception, and not the run-of-the-mill wedding. They had hundreds of votive candles, we had amber uplighting around the perimeter, the chandeliers were turned off...and it was just plain cool. They had asked me to play a Michael Buble inspired mix of music from start to finish. No Usher, Katy Perry, Pink, etc., just stay with the classic standards. Their guests ended up getting so antsy, that they were begging me to fire things up! I respected the Newlyweds format, and as much as I would have loved to play some beat, it wasn't in the master plan. The guests then started putting pressure on the bride, and one hour before we were scheduled to close, she came up to my booth and gave me the green light to crank it up! So, I rocked it for a solid hour, and they all had an absolute ball, yelling, screaming, dancing and partying!! Congrats to D/M, and congrats to their guests for their cool influence!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Brian and Buu - Citizen Hotel Sacramento

Sacramento Wedding DJ

On a rainy Sunday evening, I FINALLY got to work at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sac, whatta great place!! I will admit, it would have been nice to have a 'roadie' for this gig, because loading from the street to the 7th floor terrace is a bit of a challenge, but so worth it when you see the view from above!

I met Brian and Buu some months ago, and we just clicked. Kate Miller Events was kind enough to refer them to me, and I just knew that this wedding was my kind-a gig, because they just wanted me to bring the funk. The evening began with their ceremony under the 'Chuppa,' a Jewish tradition. Once married, everyone went down to the lounge on the 2nd floor, and I went to work on lighting up the room in lounge blue (see pic above). After an hour, the guests were invited back up, and the wedding party followed. B&B had chosen individual tunes for each of the party as I introduced them, and with the crowd in a frenzy, the newlyweds entered to 'Now That I Found Love,' by Heavy D. Brian couldn't resist, and went down to the floor in the splits!!

Everyone enjoyed a festive dinner, and I think I saw the toast of the year (maybe it's a bit early for that prediction), but his best men sang karoake to Piano Man, of course with custom lyrics! Although their voices made you appreciate Billy Joel that much more, their routine was a riot. Brian gave a very heartwarming speech, and then it was party time. We danced and danced, they conga'd, they E-slid, Brian did a sexy garter dance, and we just had a grand time.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monte Verde Inn - Kelsey and Ben

Sacramento Wedding DJ

It was chilly, there was snow on the ground, we could see our breath....and that was no match for the emotion that Ben and Kelsey displayed to their guests on wedding day at my fav, the Monte Verde Inn

We lit the indoors in blue, they had a wedding party of 18, and leading up to the dance hour, it was a lively, energetic bunch that I knew were gonna raise the roof! Our final toast was by Ben himself, and to Kelsey's surprise, he serenaded her to Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight.'

I had the sincere pleasure of working with a photography company who I met for the first time, and if first impressions are as important to most as they are to me, then Tara and Nick from Brown Butter Photography(love that name)are gonna be a success story in NorCal. Check them out at They're super cool.

So...we completed the formal dances, and the 'open dancing' began....and let me say, Ben and Kelsey's fav's rocked the floor. We 'Dougie'd,' we 'Cha Cha Slid,' we basically partied like it was a Saturday, and not a Sunday!

Congrats always to B&K.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Amazing Ruby Hill Country Club

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Wow!! I have been to plenty of amazing venues over the years, and when I met with Amber and Sean, a great looking, kind couple, they mentioned Ruby Hill in Pleasanton. Never once did they lead on to the incredible beauty of this place. You drive through the Country Club gates and you are driving through streets of 10,000 sq. ft. manstions, awestruck by how much these residents must pay to their landscapers! So, we arrive to the Club, and you just have to be there to witness its beauty.

I placed 18 uplights around the room, setup our photobooth in the bar area, and then setup two sound systems, one for the upstairs ceremony, and downstairs for the eventual dance party.

Their ceremony was very personable, sentimental and fun, all wrapped up together. Guests went downstairs into the bar, mobbed the photobooth, and eventually found their dinner seats. I proceeded to introduce the wedding party and newlyweds, who sauntered down the split and double staircase, meeting in the middle. Dinner ensued, the toasts were really really funny, and the dancing went overtime by 2 full hours! They absolutely raged. Wow!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Forest House Lodge

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Newlyweds Jen and Dalton - Cool

Ceremony Site overlooking the Bluffs - Way Cool

The Forest House Lodge - Beyond Cool

We played for such a great group last night, I wish I could replay it every weekend! The Forest House Lodge has so many great qualities, it's difficult to put into least for me. It's a little bit chic, a little bit country, a little bit casual, a little bit classy and a lotta fun!!

Jen and Dalton exchanged vows, became Mr. and Mrs. Jiminez, and the party started with me introducing their entire wedding party ( a big one) to their eager guests. Dinner was right on schedule, and although I already knew the answer, as I began to introduce our very first toast, I asked the group how their dinner was, and all I could hear was a deafening 'GOOOOOOOOD!'

We toasted, we had cake, and boy-o-boy, did we have dancing! The dancefloor was lively until the very end of a 6.5 hour event.

Great thing about the FHL is that the party doesn't stop when music stops, it just keeps on rockin' in the bar, and in the downstairs game room/lounge. I kinda wanted to stay!!

Monte Verde Inn Open House

Sacramento Wedding Reception DJ

This past Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of being one of the preferred vendors showcasing their 'goods' at the MVI open house, which is a spectacular event! Kelly and Doug showcase their goods to all of their 2011 couples. On display were newly decorated suites, a colorful and new candy bar, incredible cuisine from all menus and soooooo much more. It was truly a great day and an even greater event.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carvalho's Family Winery Bridal Faire

Sacramento Wedding DJ
We are looking forward to our participation in this show, which features about 50 local wedding vendors. The show is at Carvalho's Family Winery (Old Sugar Mill), January 28th, from 6pm - 9pm. Please stop by and have your photos taken in our Fun Photobooth!! See you