Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is a Gobo Light??

Well, I have been getting requests for Monogrammed Gogo Lighting for weddings, and now I can easily accomodate. What is a Gobo? Ever been somewhere and a company logo or someone's picture is being shown on a floor or a wall? The type of light is called a Gobo. So, upon request, I can customize newlwed monogram initials to shine all night long on either the dancefloor or on a large wall. It really looks great, and adds a character that other effects can't touch!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wedding Ceremony Music

Most brides nowadays want to walk down the aisle to something other than the classic wedding march. For most, it seems too.....old fashioned. I am continually asked for newer, fresh ideas. A great place to start is to visit www.pianobrothers.com. You can listen to 30-second clips of many great choices, and can purchase their music if you are so inclined. There are limitless choices in the classical world, as well as vocal songs to walk down to. Same thing applies for your exit song. I prefer something upbeat and fun, from my experience, guests get a kick out of a fun, unexpected song!