Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sleeptrain Holiday Party - Sacramento Corporate DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I am fortunate to be able to be the Corporate DJ for one of my favorite companies, Sleeptrain Mattress Discounters.

I played at five of their holiday parties this season, and we had a ball! The parties were in Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. I have been a part of hundreds of corporate events over the years, and I can tell you that the comradery amongst their staff is like none other I've witnessed. Each and every time an employee was granted a prize (which are incredibly generous), their peers cheered, hi-fived, slapped, etc. as they approached the winners podium. Such a cool thing to witness....

As dinners come to a close and after the endless prize giveaways and raffles, the dancing begins. Sleeptrain-ers know how to party! They get off!!!!

We had a great time, and I know they are having wonderful holidays.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grand Island Mansion Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Saturday was a blast! Paula and Phil married at Grand Island Mansion, and we partied!

They had a sweet ceremony in the downstairs ballroom, and were center stage for all to photograph! Speaking of photos, Phil's brother Brian Gross and his assistant, Tiffany Green were on hand capturing every special moment.

Dinner was upstairs, and after about an hour, they were invited back downstairs for toasting, dessert, and the party. We had cool tunes chosen for the Grand Intros, had some sweet toasts, and the cupcakes were amazing!

Their guests were energized and ready to dance. Song of the night was 'Gangnum Style!'

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wine and Roses Wedding - Lodi Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Serena and Tim are literally the perfect pair. They have known each other for nearly their whole lives, and it was just a matter of time...and life....that brought them together romantically.

Last weekend, I played at their wedding at Wine and Roses in Lodi, CA and it was fabulous!

Their ceremony was outdoors, as was their cocktail hour. Waiting in the ballroom was a stunning room full of gold linens, amazing tall centerpieces, our amber uplighting and our fun photobooth.

Jessica from Stout Photography was rockin' the photos (as always!), and Matt from Matthew David Cinema was capturing every cinematic moment.

What was really quite funny was that after the Grand Introduction, Tim and Serena danced to their first dance as husband and wife, and after about one minute of Brad Paisley's, 'Then,' they busted out into 'Baby Got Back.' The guests went absolutely wild. That set the stage for what was an energy filled night with my trademark full dancefloor!!

We all had a great time.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Citizen Hotel Wedding - Sacramento Wedding Dj

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Katie and David married last weekend at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento, and it went great!

Guests entered the ballroom at 5:00pm, and we proceeded to MC the Grand Introductions which led us right into their first dance, which was sung LIVE by their close friend. He sang Adam Sandler's, 'I want to grow old with you.' Both of their Dad's welcomed guests, and a fantastic dinner was served.

As you can see by the photo above, Katie and David asked for our Couture Lighting Package, which allowed us to place a lit pattern on the dancefloor, light the entire canopy, uplight the perimeter and spotlight important facets of the room. I loved how it looked, and they were 'Wow'd' by it!! Professional photos to follow by the incomparable Jessica from Stout Photography!!

We had a full dancefloor all night long, and my lasting memory is going to be that we played 'Ghangnum Style' not once, but twice for them. It was rockin!!!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flower Farm Inn Wedding - Wedding DJ Loomis, CA

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Haley and Tim rocked their wedding this past weekend at Flower Farm Inn in Loomis, CA.

They were just great, they were so easy to work with!

Haley surprised Tim with an Irish trio for their ceremony, and his face showed surprise and glory! They had a unique and fun ceremony, and cocktail hour followed.

There were so many DIY components, I wouldn't even know where to begin to explain and describe them all, but they were tastefully and artfully everywhere! Loved it!!

Randy Peters Catering served guests a fabulous Family-Style dinner, and toasts followed in a different area, where the cake was cut as well.

We then invited everyone into the barn, where Tim had created a slideshow for their guests to watch, laugh at, cry at, scream at, and just enjoy!

Dancing followed, and the energy from their wedding party was frenetic, I tell ya'. They just lit up the dancefloor, and guests couldn't help but want to join them and party all night long.

It was a rockin' great time.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Lights Sacramento - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past Sunday marked one of our marquis weddings of the year!

Rachel and James married at the historic Grand Island Mansion. Hidden along the Delta, it's  a stunning venue with tons of decor possibilities.

The amount of detail and planning for their wedding was intense! They had a touching ceremony in front of the Mansion, cocktail hour was upstairs, in the mansion, and dinner and dancing in the tent and courtyard. I will do my best to describe. As seen above, the courtyard was lit by yours truly and team. We lit each pillar, lit the back of the mansion and illuminated their names on the fabric hanging from the second story. In the tent, their tablescapes were gorgeous, high and silver! Stunning royal linens, a white dancefloor, white lounge furniture, cocktail tables and much more brought this space to life. We lit the canopy and walls in blue, shot amber swirls onto the dancefloor and furniture, and made the cocktail tables glow!

We had our photobooth rockin' all evening long, and had the pleasure of working alongside Nicolette Clark Photography.

The dancefloor absolutely rocked until the very last song, and whoever was left simply didn't want the night to end, as they begged for more!!

Awesome night to say the least....

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Round Hill Country Club Wedding - Alamo Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I was absolutely in awe of the Round Hill Country Club in Alamo, CA, just outside of Danville. It was my first time there, and their staff treated us like royalty, and the clubhouse was just rich and gorgeous.

Erika  and Daniel married outside (see photo above), and their cocktail hour and reception were indoors in the breezeay and ballroom, which were beautiful.

Our photobooth was cranking out the fun from the outset, and dinner was served in the ballroom to 130 guests, who enjoyed pasta primavera or beef tenderloin.

There were many touching and funny toasts, all very worthwhile, and the cake cutting transitioned us right into dancing.

Erika and Daniel danced to Lionel Richie's 'Truly.' Then, to the surprise of everyone, they flirted as they danced to their favorite song from Pulp Fiction! Their guests loved every move!!

The oversized dancefloor was jammed for the rest of the night, and their requested playlist was exactly what worked for their guests. We rocked for 3 solid hours.

Congrats Erika and Daniel!!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monte Verde Inn Weddings / Auburn, CA wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past weekend featured two Monte Verde Inn weddings, both of which were full of positive energy, outgoing guests and full dancefloors!

Saturday, Jeff and Katie had guests in from all parts of the country, and had an intimate ceremony....Jeff was struggling to hold back the tears. Cocktail hour had a mix of contemporary vocal songs featured. I love surprises, and we had two. Katie sang Jeff their first dance, and Katie and her Dad sang their dance to one another!! My dancefloor filled for two solid hours as guests hammed it up until shuttle service carted everyone off to the afterparty!

Sunday, Peter and Megan were married under the cedar trees, and uniquely had their families 'warm' up their wedding rings as a sign of love for them. Our Grand Introductions were comprehensive and fun, and the dancefloor was as full as I have seen for a Sunday wedding, love that! The most unique surprise request was 'Spice Girls, Wannabe!'

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Jason and Janelle married Saturday at Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, and it was a kick!

Their ceremony and cocktail hour took place behind OSM in their spacious grounds, and we had lots in store inside! Once guests came in the Gallery for dinner, they were greeted by me for the Grand Introductions of the wedding party and newlyweds. That was followed by an impressive Crew of Chinese dancers, who greeted the newlyweds with messages of good luck, prosperity and more.

Dinner was served by Asante Catering, our photobooth was rockin' throughout, and toasts were a riot, with a recurring theme regarding 'Fertility!' we then gathered around the dancefloor to watch a LoveStory video about Jason And Janelle, which was super creative and funny.

Dancing was next, and my floor was literally jammed until the last dance of the night! The energy was contagious, love that! There was a late night pizza truck serving slices in the parking lot, yummm, and it was simply a fabulous evening packed with memories.

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Murietta's Well Wedding - Livermore Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Last Friday was a great one, at a great venue! Leslie and Stephen married at Wente's Murietta's Well in Livermore. I had never been there before, and was taken aback by its rustic beauty.

Their ceremony was outdoors, and performed by a family friend who did a great job. Cocktail hour was on the patio, and an elegant dinner inside the dark, rustic winery. Dancing took place outdoors, along with our photobooth and a cigar bar! We had quite the danceparty under the stars, and I can't wait for my next Livermore affair!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding Dj

What a phenomenal celebration!

This past Sunday, Megan and Chris were married at Old Sugar Mill, one of my favorite veunes. It was quite a party, let me tell ya!

What was really great, is what I invite my clients to do, which is to add personal ingredients into your entertainment. Megan and Chris did just that...

Their ceremony was behind OSM, which is a perfect location for couple to marry.

Cocktail hour for their 200+ guests was in the Gallery, as guests enjoyed wine, beer and food, which led up to all the fun. We invited everyone in to take their dinner seats, and I prepared for the Grand Introductions.

To set the scene, Chris is a basketball coach, and he had the cool idea that he wanted his Groomsmen to be introduced like the starting 5 of a basketball team. The Bridesmaids were going to introduced more simply to Katy Perry's California Girls. The last bit of hurrah was once the guys made it in, they would huddle up like a team, bounce back and forth, then literally tear off their pants!!! (they were tear-aways). Fortunately for me, I got to be the 'voice' of this act, and it came off soooooo well, I wish I could do it all over again! The crowd went wild.

Megan and Chris danced to their first dance right away, Boyz II Men's, I'll Make Love To You. I asked their guests to singalong, and they were serenaded, center stage!

Dinner followed, toasts were really well done, and for my favorite part of the evening, the final toast was a surprise to Megan and Chris. Two of their wedding party members rose, spoke briefly, and as Lauren played the Ukulele, they both sang Ingrid M's, "The Way I Am." It was a moment that spoke volumes, I can't begin to explain how cool and meaningful that felt.

Then, because Megan and Chris met at a Wonderbread 5 concert, everyone was invited into the barrel room for a Concert, from none other than Wonderbread 5. These guests danced solid until I departed, and I must admit, I was envious that I wasn't playing tunes to make everyone dance to, because the energy was what I live for.

Best always to M&C.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wine and Roses Wedding - Lodi Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ Just last night, I finished playing for Janice and Ian at the beautiful W&R in Lodi, CA. I arrived plenty early to warm the ballroom up with 20 amber uplights, creating a gorgeous glow! Their ceremony was in a very serene grassy area, and what was unique and cool was that they hired a bagpiper to lead the procesion. He also exited with the newlyweds, and played for a few extra minutes. Indoors, after cocktail hour, I worked alongside a Persian Band, and as I concluded with the Grand Introductions, they took over and played a celebratory 15 minute set that packed the dancefloor, before dinner! Rebecca from Ford Family Photography was shooting, and doing fantastic work! After dinner and toasts, I opened the dancefloor with the formal dances, and the band opened the floor up to everyone. My turn was 45 minutes away, giving me time to enjoy the culture and energy. I opened up with some 90s Funk, and never looked back! It was quite a night!! Visit us at

Monday, July 2, 2012

Le Rivage Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

What a model couple!! Kristi and Dan married yesterday at Le Rivage Hotel in Sacramento, right along the river.

It was a perfectly warm day (not too much so) for their wedding day. Kristi was as organized a Bride as I have ever known. She had created nearly every detail at the wedding, which was loaded with them! Signs, escort cards, table settings, candy buffet, her bouquet, her Swarovski jeweled shoes.....the list goes on and on and on, it was an amazing display of DIY! Very well detailed and appointed, I must give props.

They had a very nice ceremony with the river as the backdrop, and cocktail hour was in the Bocci Ball courts a few paces away. In the tented ballroom, I awaited their arrival, as I had tunes awaiting. Our photobooth was also waiting, as we had a full box of props ready to dress.

Grand Introductions ensued, then a Filet Mignon dinner, delicious! Guests were workin' the candy buffet as well, and were amped up for some fun. Their Best Man and Maid of Honor provided toasts, as well as Dan, our Groom. They cut the cake, exchanged slices, and we took a brief dessert break. Another creative and unique twist was their custom cigar rolling services who were creating cigars for all guests who approached. This was the first time I was a part of this, and it was a huge hit!

The formal dances were next, and once Dan and Kristi completed theirs, we had yet another treat in store. Kristi came into my studio, recorded her thoughts about her Dad, and I layered those words into the song she was honoring him with, 'You Raise Me Up.' Their was not a dry eye in the house, it was quite a moment.

We partied for the rest of the night, and I wish I could have attended the afterparty, but was happy I was able to participate in the initial festivities.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crocker Art Museum Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I suppose with any profession, there are certain events that stand out. Well, to be completely truthful, this for me was one of those! I was hired by Drew and Margo about 12 months prior to their wedding last Saturday, and was itchin' to go about 2 months ago for a variety of reasons, which I will explain below.

This was my first wedding at The Crocker in downtown Sacramento, and I was eager to play there, as it's a premiere venue in the area. Even the 106 degree heat didn't deter me from wanting to give it my best.

Aimee from 2Chic was the planner, and I have to give credit where it's due. She and her team not only planned with the couple along the way, helping them with color schemes, linens, dessert choices, wine pairings and more, but their execution on wedding day was superb. It was the perfect wedding.

Stefania from Atmosphere Lights lit it up with an array of colors which matched their theme perfectly, and patterned the ceiling in a pattern and color that was so eye-catching, guests were constantly pointing upwards to it. It set the mood for elegance to say the least.

Jessica from Stout Photography (see photo above) was shooting, and I simply can't wait to see her final work from the night. She and her assistant were setting up shots/lights/etc and I know it's going to be amazing!

Drew and Margo were married in the ballroom, which is dark, rich and moody! Cocktail hour took place outdoors in the courtyard where Magpie Catering served up some tasty apps that guests were in love with.

Our photobooth was shooting all evening long, with constant activity around it.

I introduced the wedding party and newlyweds to custom introductions, as written by the newlyweds themselves. Dinner followed, toasting took place, desserts, then....partying!

We had a party for the ages, I mean, they danced, they sweat, they yelled, they laughed...all the way until the last dance....where even Aimee and her team...and the Crocker team joined on the dancefloor!!

This was perfection....

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Granite Bay Country Club Wedding - Granite Bay Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ Last Saturday evening, I played for Jake and Shelly (friends of mine) at the Granite Bay Country Club. There is always a bit bit of added pressure when working for your friends, so I arrived as ready as possible. Jake and Shelly aren't necessarily 'spotlight' people, but they really shined on this evening! They had a really nice ceremony, they had 185 eager, well-dressed guests with great energy, and a venue that excels in service and beauty. Jessica from Stout Photography took some amazing photos (I checked out her camera!). Their Grand Introduction was unique in that Jake's family, of Assyrian ascent, danced around them as an act of celebration. They settled in for some fine dining, and as we approached toasting, there were plenty of people ready to speak. I really enjoyed the personal stories shared during toasts, especially from their Dads. We made it to the dancefloor, and I say it over and over, but we just rocked it all night long, until 12:30am! They never let up, ever. Such an awesome evening! Visit us at

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monte Verde Inn Weddings - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I love back-to-back Monte Verde Inn weddings!!

Although the weather challenged us a bit, we overcame it and had two outstanding events in Foresthill, CA. It began Saturday with Robert and Kelly, who had great decor, great plans and about 125 guests who, when we went in the ballroom for dancing, just tore it up for 2.5 hours!

Kelly and Doug (the owners of the Inn), served a fantastic dinner, and I wish I had a photo of the cake, but it matched Kelly's wedding dress perfectly!!!

It was a really special night!

Onto Sunday now!

Kevin and Suzanne Borja had close friends and family surround them for what was a very touching ceremony, followed by cocktail hour and yet another high quality meal!

They had some amazing toasts by their family members and wedding party, and it was a complete destination wedding, as most of the guests were from either New York....or Spain!

This six hour affair also featured about 2.5 hours of danceparty, where I got to mix up American hits along with Latin hits. They really had a great time until we called it quits at 10:00pm.

Congrats to them all...

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kevin and Sarah - Monte Verde Inn Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ I just got home from a really fun evening wedding at Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, CA. I wish I had photos of their details to share, as the flowers were stunning, the tablescapes amazing and the bride gorgeous. I am sure Jessica from Stout Photography will be posting soon, she is so phenomenal! Their first dance was 'The way you look tonight' by Steve Tyrell, and once the formal dances concluded we invited all married couples to join in for an Anniversary dance. Our longest married couple was 40 years! Great example! We danced and partiedmfor almost three hours, and did a Grand Exit on front of the Inn to say goodbye to the newlyweds! Visit us at

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ I can never play at Old Sugar Mill too often!! Saturday night was some raging party for Matt and Kelli. They married in the barrel room, and when Kelli entered, jaws dropped, tears flew and emotions were vivid. She looked stunning, and Matt was quite emotional. Rev. Ben presided over a very nice ceremony, and once pronounced husband and wide, they cruised back out to Sugarlands', "Stuck Like Glue." I placed 16 amber uplights in the gallery, turned the sconces off and dimmed the house lights, and it looked stunning! Jackson Catering offered a high quality buffet featuring corn fed beef with all the fixins'. It was really delicious and their staff was outstanding. Toasting and cake cutting led us into dancing, and I know I always seem to say this, but we rocked the danceparty solid until 11:30. They were a crowd that I wish could come to every wedding I play at! Visit us at

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Foresthill Wedding DJ - Forest House Wedding

Sacramento Wedding DJ Maddie and Dan married Friday night at the Forest House Lodge. They were the first couple in all of my years who chose not to do a first dance! They are a bit shy and not 'Spotlight' people. So, as we progressed through a really tasty family style dinner, toasts that were thoughtful and funny, and a cake cutting ceremony that was as sweet as the cake itself, I opened the dancefloor in our less than traditional fashion. Although Dan and Maddie didn't dance at all on this evening, their guests partied with me until we moved the party into the bar! The newlyweds made sure to swing over and compliment my job well done, and expressed the joy in seeing their guests dance the night away! Everyone sung their lungs out to 'Don't stop believin' and the lights came up! Visit us at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sun City Roseville Wedding - Roseville Wedding Dj

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Saturday night was the danceparty of the year!!!! I am not lyin'.

Timber Creek Lodge in Roseville was glowing in purple, courtesy of our LED uplights in the ballroom. Our Group-Style photobooth had a crowd around it all night long, and from what I heard, there was very little liquor left at the hosted bars!

Fahm and Xahmeng were married in the outdoor courtyard in perfect early evening weather, every guest seat was filled, and I must say that she looked stunning.

Guests moved indoors for cocktail hour and as I eventually introduced the wedding party and newlyweds into the reception, they all wore their sunglasses and danced their way to the stage. Dinner followed, and as they were visiting their guests tableside, their guests were cheering them at every turn, all unrehearsed! I just knew that we were gonna rock the house later!!

We made it to the dancefloor, proceeded through our formal dances, and opened it up to 'The Cupid Shuffle.' Sun City has an unusally large dancefloor, and we had 75% of their guests on the floor shuffling away. Joking aside, I had a packed floor all night long, literally. This is exactly what I live for, it was amazing.

Fahm and Xahmeng couldn't have been happier as they wrapped up the evening to "From This Moment."

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Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Foresthill Wedding Dj

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past Saturday afternoon, we played for Suzanne and Bill at the awesome Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, CA.

It was the first warm day this spring, and 85 degrees felt like 100 because we weren't quite used to it yet, but it was sooooo nice out!

Suzanne and Bill are country music lovers, and we played a heavier set of country music for the dance hour, which was in broad daylight!

Although it felt a bit foreign to end early, I'm quite sure that they and their group had evening plans in store.

My best to Bill and Suzanne.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Weeks-Six Weddings Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I had a super busy early April, and because time won't let me blog about each, I thought I would just highlight elements that were super cool.

At Courtney and Thomas' wedding Sunday at Croatian Center, we had sooooo much going on! Something that really worked (that I rarely implement), was Sing-For-Your-Supper. Instead of opening it up to all tables, I limited it to only fice tables, and MAN did they fight to sing and get to the buffet!

At Erica and Chris' wedding Saturday at Elks Tower, a highlight was when I called out all bachelors for,the,garter removal. I played 'Jump On It' and the boys choreographed their pony dance, and it was a riot!

At Rachel and Reeds' wedding Friday at Forest House Lodge, they danced solid for 2.5 hours...and wanted more!!

Going back to Sierra and Shannon's Sunday wedding at Monte Verde Inn, what was really cool is what a reunion it was for all there. The newlyweds live out of state and had never even seen MVI before,wedding day! They were thrilled.

At Roxanne and Joshs' Saturday,wedding at Old Sugar Mill, their custom introductions of their wedding party were awesome, as was the killer danceparty!

Lastly, at Fridays' wedding for Katherine and David at Citizen Hotel was a fun one for me, because the newlyweds didn't expect much dancing, and we rocked it all the way to the end. Thwy sent me a thank you note stating their surprise and joy with the outcome.

More to come!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Citizen Hotel Sacramento Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I had the cool pleasure of playing at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento two nights in a row! So, Saturday night was when Randie and Jeff became a married couple, and we had a blast!

Their ceremony was in the ballroom downstairs, and cocktail hour in Scandals Lounge, with the reception upstairs in the Terrace, whadda place!!

We had our photobooth in action upstairs, and we lit the room in amazing fashion, let me explain.....First, we shut off the chandeliers in the room, and lit the canopy above in hot pink. We uplit the walls in Terrace as well as the entry way and hallways in amber. Then, we spotted each centerpiece, the bar, the cake and the photobooth so they would stand out (as you can see above). It looked absolutely stunning.

Jeff, in our planning meeting, was fearful that no one would dance....hehe! I had news for him! We had dinner, we had two really nice toasts, Randie's brother sang them a song that brought the house down, we had a fun contest to give away the centerpieces, they cut the cake and made a speech, then the party was ON!!!

We had a full floor for 2.5 hours.....STRAIGHT! My kind of danceparty, loved it!!

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Citizen Hotel Wedding for Brandon and Jacelyn - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

As you can tell, I love me a full dancefloor!! We definitely had that at Brandon and Jacelyn's wedding Friday night at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento.

They had provided me an extensive list of music, which entailed R&B Pre-Ceremony Music, Dinner R&B chill jams, and a serious Hip/Hop dance list that rocked the house!

As I introduced the wedding party and newlyweds to their guests for dinner, we concluded the intros with the 'Dougie,' and the crowd roared with approval. I love a creative intro!

We had a series of great speeches, concluding with Brandon, who was super nervous, delivering an amazing speech and toast, it made me proud!

We truly had a great night...

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

With wedding season now in full bloom, I finally got to play at the phenomenal Monte Verde Inn. I sure missed it!

Nick and Gina married indoors amongst 35 of their closest friends and family. Rev. Jeri Murphy officiated, and the festivities began. Our photog, Eye Connoisseur had eyes everywhere!

Great food, great family and friends, dancing, and even a hunorous quiz for both Moms which made us all chuckle provided a spark!

Congratulations Nick and Gina!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lake Natoma Inn Bat Mitzvah - Sacramento Bar Mitzvah DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

We had one heck of a good time this past Saturday at Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom, as we celebrated Hannah's Bat Mitzvah! Over 100 friends and family gathered to witness her become an adult and then party like rock stars!

We had lunch (which lasts about 5 minutes with the younger set!), and I invited everyone present to text message me their song requests for the day! My phone BLEW up!!! We had the photobooth rockin' all day, and I had a menu of games and dancing ready to go.

We limbo'd, we Cha Cha Slided, we wrapped each other in toilet paper, we busted balloons tied to ankles, we danced, we played more games!!

It was an action packed day to say the least, and we left the poor Inn with quite a mess to clean up, sorry!!!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Ballroom Sacramento Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I was really looking forward to playing for Mike and Andrea's wedding this past weekend. We met and booked about a year ago, and they had 'Grand' plans for wedding day. Their ceremony was held in the ballroom under a Chupah, and they had 7 readers pledging their blessings upon the lucky couple!

We had the photobooth rocking all night long, and took the most photos we've ever taken at a wedding!! You should have seen some of the shots, especially late night ones! I uplit the entry and ballroom in amber and as the house lights dimmed, the room just warmed right up.

Rebecca, Barry and Lindsay from Ford Family Photography were the biggest help ever! They were shuttling people upstairs for post ceremony photos, and without them, I couldn't have effectively moved everyone so quickly.

I want to get right to dancing, so looking at the clock, the first dance began with about 3 hours until the scheduled end time. Let me tell ya', they rocked the dancefloor until the very last second!!! It was really a fun group. Andrea Facebook'd me the next morning to thank me for a great time, and that was all I needed to hear.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loomis, Ca Wedding DJ - Blue Goose Wedding

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Just last night, I played for Disa and Jason at one of my favorite hidden gems, The Blue Goosenin Loomis. I worked with Brenda from Asante Catering, who always excels in the food dept!

Disa and Jason married in Hawaii 3 months prior, and this was a celebration to share with friends and family. They didn't want the pomp and circumstance that go with most weddings, and only wanted me to verbally introduce their first dance. So after dinner, dessert and one toast, the first dance (Anne Murray - Could I Have This Dance) kicked off what was a kick of a party. There were quite a few kids amongst us, so I kept them as involved as I did the adults, and we had a great time.

Time to prepare for next Friday night!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monte Verde Inn Open House - Auburn, CA Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Just yesterday we had a ball at the annual Open House at Monte Verde Inn!

Doug and Kelly, owners, generous enough to invite their preferred vendors to share the stage with all of their booked couples for 2012. MVI cooks up most items on each menu, and everyone gets to sample whatever theymdesire, as they begin the process of choosing food for their wedding. MVI does an amazing job on this day, as they set the bar high for the year to come.

Us vendors quickly introduce ourselves and get to mix with couples we have already booked, and look to meet some potential new clients. I played our 'Nearly Newlyweds' game and cracked up at some of the answers our couples gave us!

The weather was great, the company was great and we couldn't ask for anything more.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Style Me Pretty - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

We are a proud member of Style Me Pretty, the most visited DIY wedding blog on the web today. A vendor doesn't just get to ask SMP to advertise on their site, they have to either be referred to you, or find you somehow and research your credentials.
Well, they found us, and we're darn proud of it!
Check out their site, you'll be glad you did.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Band or DJ? - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Great question, band or DJ? I get asked this quite often, and will be playing and providing DJ services along with a band a couple of time this coming year for wedding couples.

To be honest, there is an energy that a band gives off that a DJ just can't replicate. Live music, if done well, makes for a great party. I have been to events where a band would play a song that I would never dream of playing. My inside voice says, 'Oh, this will never work!' Low and behold, the dancefloor is packed and I must swallow my words. It's just the energy that live music gives off that can pack a dancefloor.

That said, from my experience, there things that a great DJ does that a band doesn't do. Those elements are providing ceremony music with wireless lapel microphones, provide MC services that create special moments and memories well before the dancing begins, light up a room with special event lighting such as uplights, a monogram spotlight (GOBO), be able to change music directions instantly, and much more.

There are merits to both services, but in most cases, a quality DJ tends to provide a more fulfilling my humble opinion!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mulvaney's B&L Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

What a great evening we had last Friday night! Jen and Jon had hired me about one year ago, through a referral by their planner, my dear friend Aimee Wendell from 2chic Events.

Their reception was at a totally cool, urban restaurant location named Mulvaney's. It is one of the hot spots in downtown Sacramento. There is an event space next door to the main restaurant, and the building is a renovated Fire Station, it's really hip. Aimee was the planner and decorator, and she hung vintage chandeliers from the rafters, coordinated phenomenal tablescapes and had the evening planned out comfortably. She rocks!

Here's what I love...Jen said to me during our final planning meeting, I'm not sure how much dancing there will be, so we'll just leave the music in your hands. After the formal dances, I opened up the floor and we absolutely rocked it until the very end, when all guests lit sparklers and the final exit was full of pomp and circumstance. The oddball request of the night (that I thought would never work~I was surprised!) was Ghostbusters!! I would never play that on my own!! The floor packed when it came on, who'da thunk!

They were just thrilled, honestly!

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