Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Weekend!

I just had to report in about our four great events this last weekend. First was Friday night, in El Dorado Hills, playing for kids from the area schools. We limbo'd, we cha cha slid, we just had a ball.....

Saturday, we had two weddings, one at the Granite Bay Country Club, where Crysta and Justin had a beautiful wedding. The photo booth was in rare form that night, with Dean LaRosa ushering people in and out of the booth, and they couldn't get enough of it. They absolutely partied the night away, and sang along to Sweet Caroline louder than any group I've played for.

Greg played at the Old Sugar Mill Saturday, and reported in that it was a great group of guests, the wedding party rocked, and everyone had a great time. He was lucky enough to work with Jessica Moores from

And Sunday, I was at the Whitney Oaks Country Club, and the rain let up just in time to have a beautiful ceremony outside for Alisha and Anthony. The reception had everyone, including the kids, working up a good sweat on the dancefloor. They had a great time, and the newlyweds are on the way to Hawaii (doesn't that sound nice). did an outstanding job as usual.