Monday, October 31, 2011

Mary's Bat Mitzvah - Bar Mitzvah DJ Sacramento

We had the pleasure of entertaining Mary and her friends this past Saturday at Il Fornaio in downtown Sacramento! Linda (Mom) contacted us some time ago and asked that I swing by to meet Mary. She was soooo shy!! I let her know that I would play all of her favorites from Glee to Paramore, and would only play games if she decided that was a good idea. Her friends could ecen text me their requests if they would like, and I would create a super cool graphic for the top of her photostrips. I earned her approval!!

We had 50 kids show up, and the energy in their secluded room was rockin'! The photobooth was a huge hit and a great ice-breaker. My friend and fellow DJ Rich Carlson was spinnin while I was out on the mic organizing party games, dance-offs and much more.

These kids had a ball!

It's been years since I performed at Bat Mitzvahs ( I used to be the Bar Mitzvah King locally). I think I am ready for more!!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Forest House Lodge Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Last Friday night, we started early, 3pm to be exact! Ashley and Ryan were married at the Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA. They had their priest from their Catholic Church perform their ceremony, and to my knowledge, it's rare that he would perform a wedding ceremony out of the church, so this was a treat.

They held their cocktail hour on the patio downstairs, and requested that I play Michael Buble during that period. As they arrived, we introduced their entire wedding party dramatically walking down the stairs toward their guests, and as A&R entered the courtyard, I played their very first dance as husband and wife!

Everyone then followed them upstairs for a delish dinner, toasts, dessert, and then....the danceparty! This whole event went a stunning 7 hours! My floor was full until the end, and I betcha I could have kept them another hour or more. It was that kinda group..... Loved it!!!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Simply put, Saturday rocked! Daniel and April had a super emotional ceremony outside underneath a perfect sky at Old Sugar Mill. You could just sense the love and respect these two have for one another...which is exactly what I whispered to their wedding planner, Kate Miller.

Dinner was indoors where the gallery was detailed beautifully. Brenda from Asante Catering served a really tasty family-style dinner, which inspires community and conversation!

The always phenomenal Jessica from Stout Photography was seemingly everywhere, never missing a shot!

We danced in the barrel room, and boy did we dance! They wanted a very 'club' inspired mix of hits, and I had that room jumpin'. We serendaded them with streamers on their way out, and finished with another half hour of hits.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Just last night, Jeremy and Annaliese were married at the stunning Monte Verde Inn.

The weather was stunning, and we had the ceremony, dinner, toasts and cake on their beautiful grounds outside. We moved indoors for the dancing, and the ballroom was rockin' all evening long. Annaliese is from South Africa, and I was provided some great music to integrate for the dancing, which worked really well!

We had our photobooth running all evening long, and that was packed as well from start to finish. The videos that were captured inside the booth are hilarious, I wish I could share.

Congrats Jeremy and Annaliese!

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Forest House Lodge Wedding - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Wow, what a raging party for Yvonne and Chad Friday night, I still can't believe it!

It all began with the absolute funniest, most entertaining ceremony I have ever seen, no kidding! I and the whole crowd were laughing just had to be there.

Back at FHL, you could just feel the positive energy as cocktails, apps and dinner were served.

Troy, the Best Man, began toasts by throwing a bread roll on the floor and saying, 'That's how I roll!' We toasted, we had dessert and did we dance! Because there is so much to do at Forest House Lodge, the general dance trend comes in waves. But tonight, there were no waves. My dancefloor was jammed for 2.5 hours, I was lovin' it!

I would love to be there all over again....

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Crocker Art Museum Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

One of the new wedding 'hotspots' for Sacramento in 2011-2012 is the Crocker Art Museum in the heart of downtown. I have a wedding scheduled there for January of '12, and just interviewed a cool couple today who are also getting married there.

I do believe it's time for a visit, and will be reporting back soon with my findings!

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Flower Farm Inn Wedding - Loomis Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past Saturday, I played at one of my fav's, The Flower Farm Inn in Loomis. Lauren and Steven had a big guest list, and it was a party from the onset!

Randy's Creative Catering rocked the food, with an amazing display of apps, a great buffet display, margarita machines and much more! My fav was the tri tip sliders......

ProFinish Designs provided the photobooth, was was packed all night long, and I rocked the dancefloor with a fun mix of hits!

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