Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sun City Roseville Wedding - Roseville Wedding Dj

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Saturday night was the danceparty of the year!!!! I am not lyin'.

Timber Creek Lodge in Roseville was glowing in purple, courtesy of our LED uplights in the ballroom. Our Group-Style photobooth had a crowd around it all night long, and from what I heard, there was very little liquor left at the hosted bars!

Fahm and Xahmeng were married in the outdoor courtyard in perfect early evening weather, every guest seat was filled, and I must say that she looked stunning.

Guests moved indoors for cocktail hour and as I eventually introduced the wedding party and newlyweds into the reception, they all wore their sunglasses and danced their way to the stage. Dinner followed, and as they were visiting their guests tableside, their guests were cheering them at every turn, all unrehearsed! I just knew that we were gonna rock the house later!!

We made it to the dancefloor, proceeded through our formal dances, and opened it up to 'The Cupid Shuffle.' Sun City has an unusally large dancefloor, and we had 75% of their guests on the floor shuffling away. Joking aside, I had a packed floor all night long, literally. This is exactly what I live for, it was amazing.

Fahm and Xahmeng couldn't have been happier as they wrapped up the evening to "From This Moment."

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Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Foresthill Wedding Dj

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This past Saturday afternoon, we played for Suzanne and Bill at the awesome Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, CA.

It was the first warm day this spring, and 85 degrees felt like 100 because we weren't quite used to it yet, but it was sooooo nice out!

Suzanne and Bill are country music lovers, and we played a heavier set of country music for the dance hour, which was in broad daylight!

Although it felt a bit foreign to end early, I'm quite sure that they and their group had evening plans in store.

My best to Bill and Suzanne.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Weeks-Six Weddings Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I had a super busy early April, and because time won't let me blog about each, I thought I would just highlight elements that were super cool.

At Courtney and Thomas' wedding Sunday at Croatian Center, we had sooooo much going on! Something that really worked (that I rarely implement), was Sing-For-Your-Supper. Instead of opening it up to all tables, I limited it to only fice tables, and MAN did they fight to sing and get to the buffet!

At Erica and Chris' wedding Saturday at Elks Tower, a highlight was when I called out all bachelors for,the,garter removal. I played 'Jump On It' and the boys choreographed their pony dance, and it was a riot!

At Rachel and Reeds' wedding Friday at Forest House Lodge, they danced solid for 2.5 hours...and wanted more!!

Going back to Sierra and Shannon's Sunday wedding at Monte Verde Inn, what was really cool is what a reunion it was for all there. The newlyweds live out of state and had never even seen MVI before,wedding day! They were thrilled.

At Roxanne and Joshs' Saturday,wedding at Old Sugar Mill, their custom introductions of their wedding party were awesome, as was the killer danceparty!

Lastly, at Fridays' wedding for Katherine and David at Citizen Hotel was a fun one for me, because the newlyweds didn't expect much dancing, and we rocked it all the way to the end. Thwy sent me a thank you note stating their surprise and joy with the outcome.

More to come!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Citizen Hotel Sacramento Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I had the cool pleasure of playing at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento two nights in a row! So, Saturday night was when Randie and Jeff became a married couple, and we had a blast!

Their ceremony was in the ballroom downstairs, and cocktail hour in Scandals Lounge, with the reception upstairs in the Terrace, whadda place!!

We had our photobooth in action upstairs, and we lit the room in amazing fashion, let me explain.....First, we shut off the chandeliers in the room, and lit the canopy above in hot pink. We uplit the walls in Terrace as well as the entry way and hallways in amber. Then, we spotted each centerpiece, the bar, the cake and the photobooth so they would stand out (as you can see above). It looked absolutely stunning.

Jeff, in our planning meeting, was fearful that no one would dance....hehe! I had news for him! We had dinner, we had two really nice toasts, Randie's brother sang them a song that brought the house down, we had a fun contest to give away the centerpieces, they cut the cake and made a speech, then the party was ON!!!

We had a full floor for 2.5 hours.....STRAIGHT! My kind of danceparty, loved it!!

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Citizen Hotel Wedding for Brandon and Jacelyn - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

As you can tell, I love me a full dancefloor!! We definitely had that at Brandon and Jacelyn's wedding Friday night at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento.

They had provided me an extensive list of music, which entailed R&B Pre-Ceremony Music, Dinner R&B chill jams, and a serious Hip/Hop dance list that rocked the house!

As I introduced the wedding party and newlyweds to their guests for dinner, we concluded the intros with the 'Dougie,' and the crowd roared with approval. I love a creative intro!

We had a series of great speeches, concluding with Brandon, who was super nervous, delivering an amazing speech and toast, it made me proud!

We truly had a great night...

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