Monday, February 28, 2011

Monte Verde Inn - Kelsey and Ben

Sacramento Wedding DJ

It was chilly, there was snow on the ground, we could see our breath....and that was no match for the emotion that Ben and Kelsey displayed to their guests on wedding day at my fav, the Monte Verde Inn

We lit the indoors in blue, they had a wedding party of 18, and leading up to the dance hour, it was a lively, energetic bunch that I knew were gonna raise the roof! Our final toast was by Ben himself, and to Kelsey's surprise, he serenaded her to Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight.'

I had the sincere pleasure of working with a photography company who I met for the first time, and if first impressions are as important to most as they are to me, then Tara and Nick from Brown Butter Photography(love that name)are gonna be a success story in NorCal. Check them out at They're super cool.

So...we completed the formal dances, and the 'open dancing' began....and let me say, Ben and Kelsey's fav's rocked the floor. We 'Dougie'd,' we 'Cha Cha Slid,' we basically partied like it was a Saturday, and not a Sunday!

Congrats always to B&K.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Amazing Ruby Hill Country Club

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Wow!! I have been to plenty of amazing venues over the years, and when I met with Amber and Sean, a great looking, kind couple, they mentioned Ruby Hill in Pleasanton. Never once did they lead on to the incredible beauty of this place. You drive through the Country Club gates and you are driving through streets of 10,000 sq. ft. manstions, awestruck by how much these residents must pay to their landscapers! So, we arrive to the Club, and you just have to be there to witness its beauty.

I placed 18 uplights around the room, setup our photobooth in the bar area, and then setup two sound systems, one for the upstairs ceremony, and downstairs for the eventual dance party.

Their ceremony was very personable, sentimental and fun, all wrapped up together. Guests went downstairs into the bar, mobbed the photobooth, and eventually found their dinner seats. I proceeded to introduce the wedding party and newlyweds, who sauntered down the split and double staircase, meeting in the middle. Dinner ensued, the toasts were really really funny, and the dancing went overtime by 2 full hours! They absolutely raged. Wow!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Forest House Lodge

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Newlyweds Jen and Dalton - Cool

Ceremony Site overlooking the Bluffs - Way Cool

The Forest House Lodge - Beyond Cool

We played for such a great group last night, I wish I could replay it every weekend! The Forest House Lodge has so many great qualities, it's difficult to put into least for me. It's a little bit chic, a little bit country, a little bit casual, a little bit classy and a lotta fun!!

Jen and Dalton exchanged vows, became Mr. and Mrs. Jiminez, and the party started with me introducing their entire wedding party ( a big one) to their eager guests. Dinner was right on schedule, and although I already knew the answer, as I began to introduce our very first toast, I asked the group how their dinner was, and all I could hear was a deafening 'GOOOOOOOOD!'

We toasted, we had cake, and boy-o-boy, did we have dancing! The dancefloor was lively until the very end of a 6.5 hour event.

Great thing about the FHL is that the party doesn't stop when music stops, it just keeps on rockin' in the bar, and in the downstairs game room/lounge. I kinda wanted to stay!!

Monte Verde Inn Open House

Sacramento Wedding Reception DJ

This past Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of being one of the preferred vendors showcasing their 'goods' at the MVI open house, which is a spectacular event! Kelly and Doug showcase their goods to all of their 2011 couples. On display were newly decorated suites, a colorful and new candy bar, incredible cuisine from all menus and soooooo much more. It was truly a great day and an even greater event.