Thursday, December 30, 2010

Style Me Pretty now features SJ's Disc Jockey!

Sacramento Wedding Reception DJ

For those of you in the process of planning your wedding, there is no better site to get design element ideas from than 'Style Me Pretty.'

This blog is the highest acclaimed wedding site there is, and the amount of respect they garner is 'uber' impressive! With that said, it was an honor to receive their invitation to be included as a featured vendor on their website in both the Sacramento and Tahoe regions.

We're looking forward to great things in 2011!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Music Choices - So Much to Choose From!

I am often asked about what choices would be most appropriate for bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to, or for a dance with bride and dad, and so forth. So, instead of recreating the wheel, I have some websites that I rely on for great choices to those questions and more. First, my fav is Wedding Wire really hits all of the categories that are of major importance. There are even comments next to the popular ones! Another site I often refer is Piano Brothers Wedding Collection. It's a great place to listen to ceremony music choices. Even if it's not the arrangement you prefer, at least you can determine if you like the song choice. And lastly, how can you beat Itunes for hours of samples!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wedding DJ Service Sacramento

Hire Sacramento’s best Wedding Event and Wedding Reception DJ, SJ’s Disc Jockey Service

Brett and Andrea at The Monte Verde Inn

I just got home from a wedding that one can't help but remember. Andrea was sooooo into the details of her wedding. She was in love with purple...purple flowers, purple bridesmaids dresses, purple uplighting by yours' truly....lots of purple! It's no small task to serve 180 people, but Kelly, Doug, Annette and staff were on their game tonight, it was highly impressive. I had the good fortune of working with for the fourth wedding in a row, and Rebecca and Barry make every wedding go incredibly smooth, one just can't explain the level of service they provide. The coolest detail of the day was when I introduced the wedding party and newlyweds to their guests....they formed a small circle and quickly coordinated a monarch butterfly release, to the surprise of everyone! Fast forward, we danced for 90 solid minutes to new, old and everything in-between. It was truly great fun.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stacy and Freddy - Croatian American Cultural Center

I had booked this wedding about a year ago, and was only dealing with Mom, because the newlyweds-to-be lived back east. So, as we got closer, Mom turned out to be quite the little planner! She had all of the evening's music picked out, a ton of fun dedications for me to make, and many other fine details that had obvisously taken a ton of thought. So, in the 103 degree temp, I setup for the ceremony outside, setup my biggie inside, and the wedding began at 6:00pm sharp, thanks to Mike Zupan, who runs the CACC. Once married, we all scurried inside for some AC, and the festivities began. We made it to the dancefloor after the cake cutting and the slideshow, and the party began. I was really sticking to 'the list,' but abandoned it for the last 30 minutes of the evening when the wedding party was begging for some country! So, we kicked up our cowboy boots for the last 30, and although we had to stop, they were screaming for more!! Congrats Freddy and Stacy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make It Yours

One of my big 'pushes' this year is to encourage couples to make their reception 'custom.' What exactly does that mean? Well, there are DJ's who say, 'I will make your reception the best EVER!' That's a pretty big statement if you ask me, and I realize it's more of a marketing ploy than a reality, but what I am really trying to encourage is making the events of your wedding day unique, fun and personalized. For example, when you are ready to join your guests at your reception, we DJ's usually introduce the members of your wedding party by name, and then bring you, the newlyweds in to an enthusiastic inflection in our voice, and a fun song in the background, in hopes of bringing your guests to their feet. Sounds nice, yes? It is nice. But....whenever I take it to a more personal level, which I will explain shortly, guests always come by and compliment the cool intros we just delivered. What I am referring to is introducing your wedding party one by one by one, with a unique song for each playing, and at the same time I am reading a cool, funny bio about them that you would write (and not tell them). So, all of a sudden, they are walking in to a story that pokes fun at them, your guests are laughing and clapping, and you, the newlyweds, get to soak it all in as the last couple to be introduced.

That is just one of many ingredients that you can personalize that your guests will hopefully remember from your wedding; I have many more to share.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anna and Mike - Monte Verde Inn

Okay, so we know that I am lucky enough to frequently DJ weddings at the Monte Verde Inn, my absolute fav wedding venue, for so many reasons.... And when you think you have seen all of the various combinations of decor at MVI, Catriona from Arcularius Events put together a lounge and curtains which added a whole new dimension to the Inn. When I invited guests onto the 'lounge' dance area for the 1st dance, they never left, because they were loungin'. Anna and Mike started out dancing to 'You Are The Best Thing,' then shocked their guests with a little 'Bust a Move!' It was really a great evening, and guests danced til the very end. Hope A&M are having fun in Costa Rica...

Amanda and Blake at The Library Galleria

Amanda and her Mom (Sharon) had been involved in the planning with me leading up to wedding day, and I never got to meet Blake. The word on Blake was that he was very easy going, and didn't want a very 'structured' reception. Cool! We integrated red uplighting and a monogram spotlight throughout the Library, and it really looked stunning! The day before her wedding, Amanda called me in a panic, as the Church just wasn't 'feeling' the music for her ceremony. So, after setting up for the reception, I made it to the Church in plenty of time, and made sure that their music went off perfectly. Amanda walked down the aisle to Norah Jones' version of 'Love Me Tender.' Once at the Library, Monte from All Seasons All Reasons Catering had the place smelling soooooo good. Jessica from Stout Photography, the amazing Jessica!, was shootin' away all night long, and we just had a really nice reception. Blake and Amanda danced to 'Amber' by 311, love that tune! Hope they are enjoying their honeymoon in Maui....