Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stacy and Freddy - Croatian American Cultural Center

I had booked this wedding about a year ago, and was only dealing with Mom, because the newlyweds-to-be lived back east. So, as we got closer, Mom turned out to be quite the little planner! She had all of the evening's music picked out, a ton of fun dedications for me to make, and many other fine details that had obvisously taken a ton of thought. So, in the 103 degree temp, I setup for the ceremony outside, setup my biggie inside, and the wedding began at 6:00pm sharp, thanks to Mike Zupan, who runs the CACC. Once married, we all scurried inside for some AC, and the festivities began. We made it to the dancefloor after the cake cutting and the slideshow, and the party began. I was really sticking to 'the list,' but abandoned it for the last 30 minutes of the evening when the wedding party was begging for some country! So, we kicked up our cowboy boots for the last 30, and although we had to stop, they were screaming for more!! Congrats Freddy and Stacy!