Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dave and Jenny at the Firehouse

Is that a great shot or what?? Last Friday night, I had the honor of playing Mr. DJ for Dave and Jenny at The Firehouse in Old Sacramento. I forgot how gorgeous it can be there. They planned with great detail, from the floral arrangements, to the favors to the outstanding menu choices (I had the Filet w/crab, yummmmmmm).

I outlined the courtyard with purple uplights, which matched their theme perfectly! Jessica from Stout Photography shot their wedding for them, and being a personal friend of theirs, I'm sure the pressure was on! She posted some amazing photos of their wedding at www.stoutphoto.com, check 'em out.

Although a small-ish group of 40 or so, they partied it up on the dancefloor, had a great time, and are now in Cabo, hopefully partyin' it up there.

Congrats Dave and Jenny!