Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kirkwood, CA Wedding DJ - Karen and James are married!

Sacramento Wedding DJ
Kate Miller Events put on a fabulously styled wedding for James and Karen in Kirkwood, at an amazing venue name, The HideOut. You can't imagine how stunning this venue is! So, I arrived, setup on stage (under a small tent), and in an started raining in buckets. I was shocked, and my gear was soaked. So, I packed it back in my truck...and waited. The storm lasted 30 minutes and ended in hail. Then, the sun arrived! The wedding was on. We had a very hipster type group, and things went along super smooth. Right after dinner, there was a belly dancer who entertained for about 10 minutes, and she was awesome. We then toasted, had dessert, and opened the dancefloor in the 50 degree weather. My dancefloor was packed for a full hour, until the rain decided to return, and we invited all to the saloon for cocktails, and a live band. we had a great team, great attitudes and great newlyweds! visit us at

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tiffany and Zach - Empire Mine - Grass Valley Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ
Tiffany and Zach had a gorgeous wedding last night at Empire Mine in Grass Valley. The castle as a backdrop is a sight to behold.... They had the fastest ceremony I can remember, and we got to the party right away! Our photobooth was jammin', we had a slideshow repeating during cocktail hour, and the dancefloor was full of fun partygoers until 11:00pm, when the Ranger says to let the animals sleep in the woods. visit us at