Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Jason and Janelle married Saturday at Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, and it was a kick!

Their ceremony and cocktail hour took place behind OSM in their spacious grounds, and we had lots in store inside! Once guests came in the Gallery for dinner, they were greeted by me for the Grand Introductions of the wedding party and newlyweds. That was followed by an impressive Crew of Chinese dancers, who greeted the newlyweds with messages of good luck, prosperity and more.

Dinner was served by Asante Catering, our photobooth was rockin' throughout, and toasts were a riot, with a recurring theme regarding 'Fertility!' we then gathered around the dancefloor to watch a LoveStory video about Jason And Janelle, which was super creative and funny.

Dancing was next, and my floor was literally jammed until the last dance of the night! The energy was contagious, love that! There was a late night pizza truck serving slices in the parking lot, yummm, and it was simply a fabulous evening packed with memories.

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Murietta's Well Wedding - Livermore Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Last Friday was a great one, at a great venue! Leslie and Stephen married at Wente's Murietta's Well in Livermore. I had never been there before, and was taken aback by its rustic beauty.

Their ceremony was outdoors, and performed by a family friend who did a great job. Cocktail hour was on the patio, and an elegant dinner inside the dark, rustic winery. Dancing took place outdoors, along with our photobooth and a cigar bar! We had quite the danceparty under the stars, and I can't wait for my next Livermore affair!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Sugar Mill Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding Dj

What a phenomenal celebration!

This past Sunday, Megan and Chris were married at Old Sugar Mill, one of my favorite veunes. It was quite a party, let me tell ya!

What was really great, is what I invite my clients to do, which is to add personal ingredients into your entertainment. Megan and Chris did just that...

Their ceremony was behind OSM, which is a perfect location for couple to marry.

Cocktail hour for their 200+ guests was in the Gallery, as guests enjoyed wine, beer and food, which led up to all the fun. We invited everyone in to take their dinner seats, and I prepared for the Grand Introductions.

To set the scene, Chris is a basketball coach, and he had the cool idea that he wanted his Groomsmen to be introduced like the starting 5 of a basketball team. The Bridesmaids were going to introduced more simply to Katy Perry's California Girls. The last bit of hurrah was once the guys made it in, they would huddle up like a team, bounce back and forth, then literally tear off their pants!!! (they were tear-aways). Fortunately for me, I got to be the 'voice' of this act, and it came off soooooo well, I wish I could do it all over again! The crowd went wild.

Megan and Chris danced to their first dance right away, Boyz II Men's, I'll Make Love To You. I asked their guests to singalong, and they were serenaded, center stage!

Dinner followed, toasts were really well done, and for my favorite part of the evening, the final toast was a surprise to Megan and Chris. Two of their wedding party members rose, spoke briefly, and as Lauren played the Ukulele, they both sang Ingrid M's, "The Way I Am." It was a moment that spoke volumes, I can't begin to explain how cool and meaningful that felt.

Then, because Megan and Chris met at a Wonderbread 5 concert, everyone was invited into the barrel room for a Concert, from none other than Wonderbread 5. These guests danced solid until I departed, and I must admit, I was envious that I wasn't playing tunes to make everyone dance to, because the energy was what I live for.

Best always to M&C.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wine and Roses Wedding - Lodi Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ Just last night, I finished playing for Janice and Ian at the beautiful W&R in Lodi, CA. I arrived plenty early to warm the ballroom up with 20 amber uplights, creating a gorgeous glow! Their ceremony was in a very serene grassy area, and what was unique and cool was that they hired a bagpiper to lead the procesion. He also exited with the newlyweds, and played for a few extra minutes. Indoors, after cocktail hour, I worked alongside a Persian Band, and as I concluded with the Grand Introductions, they took over and played a celebratory 15 minute set that packed the dancefloor, before dinner! Rebecca from Ford Family Photography was shooting, and doing fantastic work! After dinner and toasts, I opened the dancefloor with the formal dances, and the band opened the floor up to everyone. My turn was 45 minutes away, giving me time to enjoy the culture and energy. I opened up with some 90s Funk, and never looked back! It was quite a night!! Visit us at www.sjsdiscjockey.com

Monday, July 2, 2012

Le Rivage Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

What a model couple!! Kristi and Dan married yesterday at Le Rivage Hotel in Sacramento, right along the river.

It was a perfectly warm day (not too much so) for their wedding day. Kristi was as organized a Bride as I have ever known. She had created nearly every detail at the wedding, which was loaded with them! Signs, escort cards, table settings, candy buffet, her bouquet, her Swarovski jeweled shoes.....the list goes on and on and on, it was an amazing display of DIY! Very well detailed and appointed, I must give props.

They had a very nice ceremony with the river as the backdrop, and cocktail hour was in the Bocci Ball courts a few paces away. In the tented ballroom, I awaited their arrival, as I had tunes awaiting. Our photobooth was also waiting, as we had a full box of props ready to dress.

Grand Introductions ensued, then a Filet Mignon dinner, delicious! Guests were workin' the candy buffet as well, and were amped up for some fun. Their Best Man and Maid of Honor provided toasts, as well as Dan, our Groom. They cut the cake, exchanged slices, and we took a brief dessert break. Another creative and unique twist was their custom cigar rolling services who were creating cigars for all guests who approached. This was the first time I was a part of this, and it was a huge hit!

The formal dances were next, and once Dan and Kristi completed theirs, we had yet another treat in store. Kristi came into my studio, recorded her thoughts about her Dad, and I layered those words into the song she was honoring him with, 'You Raise Me Up.' Their was not a dry eye in the house, it was quite a moment.

We partied for the rest of the night, and I wish I could have attended the afterparty, but was happy I was able to participate in the initial festivities.

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