Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crocker Art Museum Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I suppose with any profession, there are certain events that stand out. Well, to be completely truthful, this for me was one of those! I was hired by Drew and Margo about 12 months prior to their wedding last Saturday, and was itchin' to go about 2 months ago for a variety of reasons, which I will explain below.

This was my first wedding at The Crocker in downtown Sacramento, and I was eager to play there, as it's a premiere venue in the area. Even the 106 degree heat didn't deter me from wanting to give it my best.

Aimee from 2Chic was the planner, and I have to give credit where it's due. She and her team not only planned with the couple along the way, helping them with color schemes, linens, dessert choices, wine pairings and more, but their execution on wedding day was superb. It was the perfect wedding.

Stefania from Atmosphere Lights lit it up with an array of colors which matched their theme perfectly, and patterned the ceiling in a pattern and color that was so eye-catching, guests were constantly pointing upwards to it. It set the mood for elegance to say the least.

Jessica from Stout Photography (see photo above) was shooting, and I simply can't wait to see her final work from the night. She and her assistant were setting up shots/lights/etc and I know it's going to be amazing!

Drew and Margo were married in the ballroom, which is dark, rich and moody! Cocktail hour took place outdoors in the courtyard where Magpie Catering served up some tasty apps that guests were in love with.

Our photobooth was shooting all evening long, with constant activity around it.

I introduced the wedding party and newlyweds to custom introductions, as written by the newlyweds themselves. Dinner followed, toasting took place, desserts, then....partying!

We had a party for the ages, I mean, they danced, they sweat, they yelled, they laughed...all the way until the last dance....where even Aimee and her team...and the Crocker team joined on the dancefloor!!

This was perfection....

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Granite Bay Country Club Wedding - Granite Bay Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ Last Saturday evening, I played for Jake and Shelly (friends of mine) at the Granite Bay Country Club. There is always a bit bit of added pressure when working for your friends, so I arrived as ready as possible. Jake and Shelly aren't necessarily 'spotlight' people, but they really shined on this evening! They had a really nice ceremony, they had 185 eager, well-dressed guests with great energy, and a venue that excels in service and beauty. Jessica from Stout Photography took some amazing photos (I checked out her camera!). Their Grand Introduction was unique in that Jake's family, of Assyrian ascent, danced around them as an act of celebration. They settled in for some fine dining, and as we approached toasting, there were plenty of people ready to speak. I really enjoyed the personal stories shared during toasts, especially from their Dads. We made it to the dancefloor, and I say it over and over, but we just rocked it all night long, until 12:30am! They never let up, ever. Such an awesome evening! Visit us at www.sjsdiscjockey.com