Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flower Farm Inn Wedding - Loomis Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Marc and Marci pledged their love last night at a fun-filled wedding with friends and family at one of favorite venues, The Flower Farm Inn in Loomis. I had met with Marci on several occasions to plan for their event, and we had lots to plan for!

I was setup outdoors for their ceremony and cocktail hour, and indoors for the 'party.' I had the new photobooth going all night long, and there was constant interest in it all night long! The 'Barn' was uplit in purple, we had a slideshow that we were preparing for, and numerous other fun ingredients that turned this into a fun, interactive reception.

We culminated all of our events into a raging dance party that left the guests screaming.....'ONE MORE!!' Of course, I played one more!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monte Verde Inn - Foresthill Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Alicia and Craig married last night at the stunning Monte Verde Inn! They are both accomplished Ironman athletes, cool people and great personalities. They went for simple elegance and it was quite a social affair!

Craig's Mom produced a video montage which I presented right before their first dance, and then the party began. This really has been the year of the 'dance party.' I have made a point to start the newer party music earlier during open dancing than in previous years, which has definitely led to wilder, crazier times!! This was no different, as we wasted no time getting to it once our 'Anniversary Dance' landed us the longest married couple of 63 years!

They were dancing on the benches, in circles doing a danceoff, snaking around the dancefloor, and just yelling and screaming with each song transition!

This was my kinda wedding!!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monte Verde Inn Wedding - Jillian and Timothy

Enthusiastic....that desribes Timothy better than any other adjective I can think of. Last night, I played DJ / MC for Tim and Jillian at The Monte Verde Inn, my home away from home! I had met with them many months prior to wedding day, and knew immediately that Tim had a passion for life, an eye for detail, and a serious love for his bride-to-be. Jillian was incredibly sweet, cute and very kind.

On wedding day, he had video cams setup, had guests assigned to the cameras, was checking his list of photos not to be missed by my old friend Anne Mask. The ceremony was conducted by their personal friend, who really did a nice job.

MVI provided a great dinner, a tasty cake and then came party time! It was still light out when we began dancing, and the dancefloor INSTANTLY filled up! Tim and Jillian were determined to have a lively dance party, and their participation was infectious. These Sunday guests partied like it was a Saturday, and did so enthusiastically!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Deer Ridge Vineyards Wedding - Livermore Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

I couldn't wait to make the trip to Livermore, as I really love the landscape there for weddings! I had never met Shauna and Daniel, as they serve our country in the Army (thanks so much for that!). Aimee Wendell from 2Chic Events was in charge, and she just does it right!! Her team was there plenty early to deck the ballroom out, and I was in full setup mode, as I had music in 3 locations, had some cool 'lounge' blue uplighting going on, and a monogram spotlight which matched their invitations to a T!

It really turned out to be a fun, lighthearted, cool evening with great food, funny toasting, great dancing with some funny characters dominating the dancefloor, and a slideshow which highlighted their lives together!

My Best!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Granite Bay Country Club Wedding

Sacramento Wedding Dj

This past Saturday represented the union of Levi and Meghan, an incredibly nice couple who live in Seattle but have family roots locally. The weather hit triple digits, but with a 6:30 ceremony, the seats were shaded and it was very tolerable. Levi'snbrother Nate was quite a vocalist, and sang a really nice tune for communion. I provided the rest of the music, as well as mics for the Levi and their officiant.

They really decorated nicely indoors, with the highligjts being oval tables with damask tablecloths, a massive cupcake display, wine bottles as centerpieces, and my amber uplights as accents.

What was really cool was that Levi's sister, who couldn't attend, was keptmin the loop during every important event through an Ipad with Facetime!

The always amazing Jessica Stout of Stout Photography was on hand to shoot as no one else does.

Nate belted out their first dance, Meghan danced with her Dad and then Levi danced with his Mom, and I couldn't help but watch these dances bring tears to numerous eyes.

Then, the part I love! Inviting guests to come out and party...the dancefloor filled right away, never let up, and foe me, the funniest part of the night was watching Levi do his darndest to learn the Cupid Shuffle on the fly!

Being July 4th weekend, there were sparklers in everyone's hands when the night wound down.

Congrats Levi and Meghan!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Arden Hills Country Club Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding Dj


Katrice and Ryan were super laid back, nice, zero-spotlight people. They asked for a cocktail reception, some uplightimg and our Photobooth to entertain. To be perfectly honest, I wondered what type of crowd they would bring, because they were soooooo chill. We were in the Heritage room at Arden Hills, which is a pretty decent size room. As I made it into the room after the ceremony at the stunning Villa, you could just feel the energy in the room! I just knew we were gonna raise the roof on this one. Without any real formalities, we had tray passed appetizers, some warm yet funny toasts, and then it was on! I got right on it, and we tore it up for 3 straight hours! My dancefloor was packed full all night long.

What's funny is that the DJ from the other wedding at Aeden Hills snuck in, video'd my work, and showed it to another DJ who called me to compliment my packed floor!! Love that....