Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sonny and Susie's Wedding - Orchard Creek Lodge Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ We had an absolute ball at Sonny and Susie's wedding in early January! They wanted to have nothing but fun, creative ingredients fill their celebration. We had vocalists, musicians, hula dancers, surprise musical performances, a surprise from Sonny to Susie, and on and on!! I could hardly keep up, lol. One of my favorite moments of the evening was their 'Shadow' Grand Entrance. I was able to introduce them to their guests at the start of the reception by utilizing a big screen with a special spotlight behind it. With Sonny and Susie placed just right, I told their story...they posed just right...I turned on and off the spotlight to create their shadows, and we culminated with them walking straight through it as it rose into the ceiling. It was quite a moment, for quite an evening!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ryan & Merlou - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ
What an incredible 'Winter Wonderland' wedding we helped Ryan and Merlou with in December. Their vision when we met was one of baron trees, blue, white and silver accents, and lights everywhere!! The foyer to the Ballroom had a phenomenal ceiling treatment from Aimee at The Find, and we accented it with blue and white LED's, which looked stunning. We provided our photobooth and they created a slideshow for all to enjoy. They had us booked for 7 hours, and the dancefloor was rockin' until the very last minute. visit us at