Monday, January 30, 2012

Style Me Pretty - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

We are a proud member of Style Me Pretty, the most visited DIY wedding blog on the web today. A vendor doesn't just get to ask SMP to advertise on their site, they have to either be referred to you, or find you somehow and research your credentials.
Well, they found us, and we're darn proud of it!
Check out their site, you'll be glad you did.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Band or DJ? - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

Great question, band or DJ? I get asked this quite often, and will be playing and providing DJ services along with a band a couple of time this coming year for wedding couples.

To be honest, there is an energy that a band gives off that a DJ just can't replicate. Live music, if done well, makes for a great party. I have been to events where a band would play a song that I would never dream of playing. My inside voice says, 'Oh, this will never work!' Low and behold, the dancefloor is packed and I must swallow my words. It's just the energy that live music gives off that can pack a dancefloor.

That said, from my experience, there things that a great DJ does that a band doesn't do. Those elements are providing ceremony music with wireless lapel microphones, provide MC services that create special moments and memories well before the dancing begins, light up a room with special event lighting such as uplights, a monogram spotlight (GOBO), be able to change music directions instantly, and much more.

There are merits to both services, but in most cases, a quality DJ tends to provide a more fulfilling my humble opinion!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mulvaney's B&L Wedding - Sacramento Wedding DJ

Sacramento Wedding DJ

What a great evening we had last Friday night! Jen and Jon had hired me about one year ago, through a referral by their planner, my dear friend Aimee Wendell from 2chic Events.

Their reception was at a totally cool, urban restaurant location named Mulvaney's. It is one of the hot spots in downtown Sacramento. There is an event space next door to the main restaurant, and the building is a renovated Fire Station, it's really hip. Aimee was the planner and decorator, and she hung vintage chandeliers from the rafters, coordinated phenomenal tablescapes and had the evening planned out comfortably. She rocks!

Here's what I love...Jen said to me during our final planning meeting, I'm not sure how much dancing there will be, so we'll just leave the music in your hands. After the formal dances, I opened up the floor and we absolutely rocked it until the very end, when all guests lit sparklers and the final exit was full of pomp and circumstance. The oddball request of the night (that I thought would never work~I was surprised!) was Ghostbusters!! I would never play that on my own!! The floor packed when it came on, who'da thunk!

They were just thrilled, honestly!

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