Monday, June 13, 2011

Ben and Katie - Flower Farm Inn

Sacramento Wedding DJ

This might end up being a long post, so I am apologizing in advance!

Ben and Katie met with me a year ago, at Burr's ice cream in midtown. Ben arrived first, and it wasn't long before he launched into a chat about how women often spend their lives dreaming of their wedding day, and how rhey have developed this vision of wedding day for many years. Ben also had a vision! He has known for many years what songs he wanted played fron start to finish. At that point, Katie arrived.... She was shocked to hear of his vision as we discussed things further. It was obvious that they were going to have to hash some things out over music. We really did have a nice meetup, and I ultimately earned their trust...and their business. Right before leaving, I asked Ben to humor me and tell me a couple of his music choices. I kindly asked him to be open to suggestion as time progressed.

By the time wedding arrived, Ben had compromised his way to about ten solid requests!

They took time to write custom introductions for their wedding party (which I just love), and gave me free reign to rock the party! To integrate special requests, it's my job to fit the music together like pieces to a puzzle. It all just has to fit just right.

With (Jessica) and (Matt) in the house, the night was smooth, energetic, hilarious and full of great memories. It was honestly a wedding in which I could participate in every weekend.