Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So...I met with newlyweds tonight that I played for this past March. They had a 'big' wedding downtown, and it was some party!! The reception went seven hours, and from the moment we opened the dancefloor all the way to the last dance, the guests never let up. Love those! Anyway, I met with them to give them their updated DVD Montage, and they told me all the great things about their wedding, all the funny things that happened that day, and then they told me the one thing that I should 'warn' other prospective wedding clients about.....Target's wedding registry. I realize this has nothing to do with DJ music, but in the interest of weddings, I thought it was worth blogging about. They registered with Target, and many guests purchased gifts for them via their registry. Now comes the problem. Apparently, Target is so slow about updating their website, they ended up with 8 sets of the same sheets, multiple sets of the same towels, and other duplicate gifts. So, in the weeks after their wedding, they loaded up the car, went to Target, and attempted to return their duplicated items. Target's policy is, no receipt-no return. No store credit, no nothing! Even after reasonably pleading their case, and pointing out that their website was the cause of this dilemma, Target wouldn't budge. So, they packed up their 800 threadcount sheets, and headed back home. Target just lost two regular customers. So, in their honor, consider yourselves warned.